Network Installation

Do these look familiar?



These are a few of the items that make up your network. The device you may be familiar with is your internet modem but there is so much more......


What is Network Installation?

Network installation involves many moving parts and goes way beyond physical cabling. Your computer network is the backbone of your operation. In order to acclimate growth for your business, setting up or even upgrading your network is crucial. The three core requirements you want to achieve are Security, Reliability, and Manageability. We can get you headed in the right direction with a full suite of networking services. Network Design, Network Planning, and Network Configuration are few of our services.

Starting the process....

Gather Input

Consider the needs of departments or admin staff versus sales staff. Defining their requirements with help in determining costs to incorporate them into the network plan.

Usage Requirements

The number of users accessing the network will give you an idea of the number of computers and other devices you must support. Factor in the type of access, remote, shared users, etc.

Plan Ahead

What direction will your company be going in the next 3-5 years? This will help to identify plans that will affect your network such as remote staff, office expansion, etc.


Factor in standard security precautions such as an external firewall, data encryption, Virus/Malware Protection, and Password Management. Including these features are crucial into protecting your company's information.


Whether you need to train your IT staff in managing your network or using us as your IT staff, you can rely on us to get you there. Having the right management in place will increase the longevity of your network plan.

Other Factors

Consider other issues that may affect the use, maintenance, and integration of your network. Such as Staff training, Server folder shares, remote access, VOIP, etc.

3 Phase Plan....

In the beginning....


The initial frustration of the network installation project.

Consulting with us.....


Having the peace of mind knowing you have subject matter experts to consult with and take the lead on the project.

End Goal!


When its all said and done, you have a secure and efficient network that results in growth and savings.